[Tip] How to create a screenshot showing just the opened window content

This is the easiest method to take a meaningful “pure” screenshot of any open window (without the need of any third party software/tool):

  1. Run the related program/pop-up window and make visible what you want to show.

  3. Hit the ALT+PRINT keys simultaneously.
  5. Run the in-box MS tool named "Paint" (you find it in the Start Menu's "Windows Accessories" section), hit onto the "Paste" and then onto the "Crop" button of the "Paint" menu.
    Optional: If you want, you can now use additional features of MS Paint (e.g. editing something into the picture or framing the most interesting points).
  7. Save the screenshot by clicking onto the "File" tab and choosing the options "Save as" > "PNG Picture" or "JPG Picture" (as you want), giving it a meaningful name and finally clicking onto the "Save" button.
    This is what you will see by following my example:

  9. Now you can insert the saved screenshot into your Forum post as written within >this< guide.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Since Windows 10 Creator Update, you can take screenshot of an area using Win+Shift+S hotkey and selecting the area to be copied to the clipboard. Then you can continue from step 3 of the guide.

Personally I use Snipping Tool