[Tip] Usage of the Portal Weather info box

@ all Forum members and visitors:

For those, who haven’t yet realized it: The Weather box on the Portal page of the Forum can show you the current wheather from (nearly) each town of the world.
All you have to do is to click onto the weather box, enter the name of the desired town into the Search Box of the AccuWeather page, return to the tab with the still open Portal page of the Win-RAID Forum and click onto the Refresh button of your browser.
A few seconds later you will have the weather of your desired town within your Win-RAID Forum Portal and it will stay there until you repeat the above procedure for another town.

Enjoy this feature of the Weather box!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Unfortunately the option to choose any desired location for being automaticly shown within the Weather Info Box seems to be not available anymore.
The added “Get widget” link doesn’t work for me as well (got a 404 error message).

Looks like it auto-obtains location by IP, it shows me weather for my ISP location which is no where near me.
Maybe some Accuweather glitch, or they removed that app/widget download, so it’s now 404 page (I see too)

AccuWeather removed the widget a long time ago. Supposedly, a new version would come but that’s not really true so far. Anyway, as Lost said, it does still work based on IP but it’s not very accurate because of that.