[Tip] Use of the Intel MEInfo Tool under Win8.1 RTM

Since Microsoft has done some fundamental changes regarding the system files, some processes/features will not run under Win8.1 the same way as under Win7 or Win8.

Users, who want to get detailed informations regarding the Intel Management Engine Interface components of their system (MEI Firmware version, MEI driver version, Gbe version etc.), and run the related MEInfo tool by using the command "MEInfoWin.exe" (under Win8.1 x86) resp. "MEInfoWin64.exe" (under Win8.1 x64), will get an error message, which will look like this:

Intel MEInfo error message under Win8.1.png

If you want to succeed, the related commands have to be ".\MEInfoWin.exe" resp. ".\MEInfoWin64.exe" (without the quotation marks!).

This was the message I got with my Z77 system running Win8.1 x64 RTM:

Intel MEInfo command for Win8.1.png


  1. The MEInfo Tool can be run either by using the CMD as Admin or - even easier - by using the Win8.1 PowerShell (Admin) option after having done a right click into the left downside corner of the Desktop.
  2. Here are the download links to the latest Intel MEInfo Tools:
  3. If anyone should find other or newer Intel MEInfo Tool versions, please post them into this thread.

On my system P8Z77-V Deluxe running W7 x64 i got this identical MEInfo screen.


However regarding the MEI driver V it appears that 2 differents Pack Version does exist for the same MEI version driver (v
These recent Package are (see stationdrivers) Version and

Do you know what is the best for our Z77 Platform because i am confused about the reasons of these multiples verson ?

Although we both have a Z77 chipset mainboard, there is an important difference between our screenshots: Your Management Engine Interface has the Gbe version 1.3, whereas the mine has v1.5.

Since our systems have a different Gbe version, we may need a different driverpack. As far as I remember I have used the set v9.5.13.1706.

Thanks for the GBe version.
I have used the set V (this can be seen in Control Panel, Programs and Fonctions).
I assume Gbe version 1.5 is better than 1.3.
So, I "ll install and test v9.5.13.1706.

i got this screen when using Pack Version


and i get this infos screen with Intel Management Security Status application:


So, no modification of Gbe version, and no infos provided by IMSS application…
Where is the benefit ?

@ 100PIER:

If you want to “update” the Gbe version to 1.5, you may have a look into >this< thread.
Somewhere Nodens has written a complete guide about how to do it.