[Tips] Additional Text Formatting Codes for this Forum

@ Forum users, who want more options, when they write a post:

As you certainly have already realized, the Forum software doesn’t offer many formatting options, when you are going to write anything. According to the developer of the Forum software there were and are mainly security reasons for the restrictions.

Nevertheless it is possible to get better looking posts, if you use some codes, which are not directly available by hitting onto any button.

Additional text formatting codes for this Forum

Here are some codes, which I found out while testing the Forum:

  1. Changing the size of the characters
    If you want the letters and digits bigger sized than normal, you have the following options
    • a) uniformly bigger sized than normal, but not too big:

    • b) individually sized characters:
      (xx stands for any digits, higher numbers=bigger)
  2. Centering a line or a complete passage
    • This is what you should enter:
  3. Options to list a text:
    These are the options you have:
    • a) normal list with points in front of the text:
    • b) numbered list from 1 up in front of the text:
  4. Bordering a text
    • Example for a blue coloured border with a line size of 5 pixel:
      [style=border:5px solid blue]<text>[/style]
  5. Scratching/striking out a text
    • 1
  6. Hiding a text (into a "spoiler"):
    • 1
  7. Creating a blank line within a list
    • 1

If I should find any additional codes, I will post them here.

Have fun!