Tongfang GK5CN5Z unlock?

sweet kitten in military now I guess. Anyone can help unlock this bios?

Please try this mod (3.7 MB)

no bat file so i dont know how to use this one :slight_smile: and only 3.7mb so I shouldn’t just flash it I guess

Winraid does not allow large files to upload. So it has compressed.

If you can provide ME FW versions. Then I will create BAT for you.

How to check the ME FW version?

  1. It may be displayed on the BIOS homepage.
  2. If not so> download hwinfo64 here.

After opening HWINFO, check the large window on the left, expand the motherboard, and find the ME area.
This part is the ME firmware version. Read the version. (That is, write it down or get the screenshot of the screen)

ME FW Version:

it was compressed didnt see it :slight_smile:

Give you。report results

it’s unlocked and advanced menu there. just changed cpu thermal limit from 95 to 100 and no more throttling thanks a lot :slight_smile: is there a guide where i can learn to unlock bios myself?