[Tool Guide] AMD SMU Check & Update - ZEN2

AMD System Management Unit Update - ZEN2

Update version:


To update the SMU of the bios.
Drag & Drop the bios file over the SMUPNET2.exe

Check version:


ZEN3 starts with the 5x.xx.x
ZEN2 starts with the 4x.xx.x
ZEN1 starts with the 3x.xx.x

To find out SMU version of the bios.
Drag & Drop the bios file to the SMUC.exe

[121220] v2.1
- Updated: SMU 46.65.00

The programs come from RaIŇİ.

AMD-SMU.rar (1.16 MB)

Unfortunately, the newer SMU files are larger than the older ones. You can only downgrade the version. I don’t have a solution for that yet!?

Is it possible to integrate an update of the SMU in UBU?

Let me know how my edit goes w/ block/SMU re-arranging, if that works, then maybe I can add some manual edit info here for others to use in such cases
Or you can use my notes and explain maybe? I’m messy, at making out notes, and explaining, so maybe cleaner if you explain
Plus, I am Intel user and know nothing about any of this AMD stuff

* About the rearrange method I did, that could also be done as 2, 3, 1 too, instead of 2, 1, 3 (original 1, 2, 3 of of course)
Update order in settings.json accordingly afterwards, if using it for any post-manual updates

LeagueRaINi needs to update his program

Also, in the Chiphell thread I linked you to, or maybe the OCN thread you linked me to? >> I see it’s possible that some SMU may not work with some BIOS, some AGESA, or some CPU’s
So if/when edits/updates fail, you may never know if it’s due to this or just the edit method in general (very non-ideal situation when you hit a failure )

Thank you for your help! You are really great!
I will first need time to gain knowledge from it.

@LeagueRaINi, Yes an update please!

@Ruin - You’re welcome!! So, did it work, all booting OK, and seems to be functioning properly?
And, as I asked in PM, can you AMD users see while in windows, what versions of these “SMU” are currently in use? So you can confirm the changed updates are actually being loaded and used?

@RaINi @LeagueRaINi - Seems neither is a user name here
Maybe you can contact him at github, or at Chiphell?


I’m in the process of getting my old laptop from 2008 ready to use.
If something goes wrong with bios flashing…

To see the SMU, I have AIDA64.


I will try to get in contact with him …

@Ruin - Great, so you can at least see “one” of the items we changed

Unfortunately, the BIOS update did not work.
The computer does not start up…

@Ruin - Bummer Sorry this method does not work, but at least now we know, and it’s probably a good thing, because if you always had to do it that way it would be a pain for many users.

So, @Stilt wont answer you, or give info on how he did the edit either?
I assumed he used similar manual method, but your test shows this probably is not the case and he used another method or edited the tool above to work better
That or I missed something else there that needs adjusted too,other than those two tables I mentioned? * Actually! I just looked at your downgrade vs original, and those tables are NOT adjusted for size (offsets always same in your downgrade vs OG, but size is not, and those were not changed in these tables as they should be)
Did you test your downgrade version yet? If not, test it now, if it’s OK, maybe I just need to edit for you once more and change the sizes in the tables back to OG size values

Did you read through that Chiphell thread I sent you, maybe some info there?
I never did translate it, but I will now and see if I can find anymore info about this from there.
* Edit - Maybe issue due to what they discuss in post #96, and that SMU versions not compatible with your board?

Found this while digging around, not related I think, but it is SMU related info

Also, this may be helpful but not sure, I know nothing about AMD stuff