[Tool Guide] AMI Setup - IFR Extractor AMISetupWriter

When using FTK (FPT) to flash the modified BIOS, we can face such a problem:


The solution of such problems have been described in different threads
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There is nothing new, so I will offer only a package of tools.

AMI Setup - IFR Extractor

The package consists of 2 parts.
>Download Link (Mega)<

Part 1 - AMI Setup - IFR Extractor
1) Extract the contents of the archive "AMISetup_IFR_v***.rar" to any folder.
2) Create a BIOS backup
fpt -d backup.bin -bios

3) File backup.bin is placed in the created folder and start:
AMISetup_IFR.bat backup.bin

4) On the screen we see about this result


Also, the desired values can be found in the file "_Setup\setup_extr.txt"


If Value == 0x1 - BIOS Lock - Enabled
If Value == 0x0 - BIOS Lock - Disabled

5) Remember the Value of VarOffset for change.

Part 2 - EFI Shell - AMISetupWriter
1) Create EFI bootable flash drive in FAT32 format.
2) Extract the contents of the archive "Boot_Shell_AMISetupWriter.rar" on the flash drive.
3) Reboot the PC in EFI Shell and run AMISetupWriter

amisetupwriter 0x8a 0x0

On the screen we will see this result


4) Reboot or exit.
5) Flash BIOS mod

fpt -f mod_bios.bin -bios



- An example is shown for the Asus Z87-Plus BIOS v2103. VarOffset, you, will be different.
- If you have enabled the full UEFI mode, before booting from the flash drive be sure to disconnect Boot Security.

EDIT by Fernando: The Download Link has been colored and marked by me (to find it easier).

Hi, this tool is very practical, it can extract valid SETUP.TXT from ASUS ROG-STRIX-Z370-F-5605. However, the SETUP.TXT file extracted from the latest BIOS of the ASUS ROG-STRIX-Z370-F-GAMING-2401 does not have any valid data.

Thanks for share! May I have a mega link for this tool? Can’t open cloud.mail.ru because of the GFW…

Fixed link

Thanks for replay!

I’m sorry, my English is very poor. I may have expressed the wrong meaning.

I mean Great Firewall in China does not allow access to https://cloud.mail.ru.

Can you upload the tool to https://mega.co.nz?/

Thanks again!

@jhsvip :
If you want, that SoniX will be notified about your post, you should directly address it to him.

It is strange that Chinese providers block access to mail.ru resources.

I have poor access to Mega, maybe one of the users will upload files there.
Important. It is necessary to update the IFRExtractor.exe to the latest version.

@jhsvip :
Here is the requested MEGA link: https://mega.nz/#!M5ZFEaJR!oX_PK7rLxMs9i…yGNzj9Qzo_blHEg


Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

@Fernando @SoniX
Thank you !! Helps too much!

There is any chance that we make these values permanent?

@SoniX - I currently have a Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP and I’ve been having trouble flashing the bios through QFlash and FPT. I don’t an OS running on the motherboard, so I’m using a freeDOS bootable usb drive to get my information from the bios. It looks like the BIOS Lock is enabled, so I’m assuming that this is the reason why I can’t flash anything, even the default bios.

How would I go through with using the second tool. I’m not sure how to create an EFI Bootable flash drive. My motherboard doesn’t have the feature to exit and launch an EFI shell.

the link to ifr extractor no work


Then I will remake the archives into one file.

What do you think about this error? HP OMEN 17 2020

Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access.
Please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an option to disable
Protected Range Registers.

FPT Operation Failed.

How to turn off this?

“Flash Protection Range Registers (FPRR)”, Help: “Enable Flash Protection Range Registers”, QuestionFlags: 0x10, QuestionId: 1781, VarStoreId: 23, VarStoreOffset: 0x6DD, Flags: 0x10, MinMaxData: [0, 1, 0]
OneOfOption Option: “Disabled” Value: 0
OneOfOption Option: “Enabled” Value: 1

@SoniX i´m trying to extract the setup_extr.txt from an asus z97 pro bios, or any asus z97 board and it´s not working, any ideas?

Here is the bios:


A nice guide. But at what moment do you get that mod_bios.bin??? After executing AMISetupWriter and reboot and use the fpt -d mod_bios.bin -bios command?

He got it when he made an effort to modify the BIOS backup, which this guide does not describe.

Hi everyone and thanks a lot @SoniX for this lovely tool, I’m wondering if I can use amisetupwriter command to change any value in the setup? I mean without having to make a modded bios and flash it.

Thanks again.