[TOOL] Lenovo (H20) Bios Unlocker and Locker

You need this one:


Honestly forgot to check back here until now, but it worked. Thank you!

hi, tell me, is it safe after all these manipulations to update bios, which is not supported by an unlocker(54ww)? will all the settings fly off. or will the system start at no all?

Has anyone tested the Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH with product number 81SX012TUS and BIOS version BHCN45WW?

If not, can someone point me to the appropriate instructions for executing the appropriate “!cE search via UEFITool (I assume 0.28 is good)?

I’m sure I can muddle through this, but I’d like to go into it with some more experienced input in this area.

Guy if you want a method for the 2022 model, or the newest locker Bios, head over to my GH:


can someone test if this exploit still works hope its not patched yet [Guide] Unlock Insyde H2O BIOS with Checksum Control - #21 by B83C i want to flash a custom BIOS entirely without the checksum verification taking this laptop apart might void my warranty
also where is the appropriate subforum for BIOS modding requests? im asking for a small favor here
ill be getting an extra 32gb teamgroup stick to fully utilize my cpu soon

Hey guys, do you know in what tab I can find options like Gear Down Mode,Down Mode and Bank Group Swap? I unlocked bios on legion 5 2021 bios version gkcn49ww and I cant find these options anywhere

Amd cbs-umc common options-dram memory pamming-bank group swap alt mode
Amd cbs-umc common options-dram controller configuration-gear down mo disabled
Amd cbs-umc common options-dram controller configuration-dram power option-power down enabled disabled

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Forgive me if it’s already been posted, the post has grown rather long, has anyone figured out how to change ram settings in the AMD version 2021 legions? I have upgraded the ram in my 5800h/3070 legion 5 17. The results aren’t all that impressive and I know others have unlocked a lot of potential with custom ram timings, but I’m not especially sure where to start in this advanced bios. All the guides I’ve found have been for intel versions.

cannot change timings in bios (5800h) only RAM SPD Rewrite

Hello! I can’t find CPU voltage control or anything like that. The fact is that I want to undervolt the CPU and video card. By the way, maybe someone knows how to limit the GPU, because in Msi Afterburner all settings are locked, and I don’t know how to unlock them. My laptop: Lenovo ideapad gaming 3 15arh05 with r7 4800h

I stupidly change my ram speed higher than normal and my laptop won’t boot no matter what. The things that I tried: (all with and without ssd)
1-Removed battery and cmos battery for 15 minutes.
2-Testing with 3 different rams.
3-i made a fat32 flash drive with bios file as it was said it winraid, put flash drive in and pressed fn+r then connected power cable and booted it up but it wont beep and just keeps restarting after a minute or two.

Tried this with different names, flash, port, with battery and no battery.
My bios is h1cn and its intel legion 5 11800h

Can anyone help me please?

I tried everything but it doesn’t work for me. I’m on a Lenovo Legion Tower.

Pls unlock bios for lenovo ideapad gaming 3 15ach6 82k2 . i have the oldest bios files of this model till the latest one and all are official ones :persevere:

Hi, does it work with Legion 7 16ACHg6, bios GKCN58WW?
I’m asking because I tried this windows version file and nothing changed in BIOS :frowning:

Hello mate. First of all, thank you very much for posting the windows unlock tool, I had been looking for something like this for a long time. Could you tell me how to change the ram times of a legion with the r7 4800h? If I change them manually, will the laptop not be blocked?

you cant change ram clock because the settings are simple not there by lenovo. unlock or lock still the same

4800H can be Ram Oced

Thanks a lot for the answers. So, Can I changue the timings in the BIOS? And the RAM clock? I am more interested in the timings.

Doesn’t work on my Legion 5 - 15ACH6H (type 82JU, BIOS GKCN58WW) :frowning:

I would like to upgrade my RAM to Kingston Fury Impact 32GB [2x16GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL20 SODIMM]. Can someone tell me if that RAM will be working at 3200MHz without problem or 2666MHz only? (KF432S20IBK2/32 - single rank)