[TOOL] Sysceo MassStorage and USB Drivers Installer (with universally usable XP/2003 drivers)

Hello, everyone. I’m here in China. http://www.sysceo.com 红毛樱木
My Email:usm@sysceo.com

The update log is here:https://www.sysceo.com/Software-softwarei-id-252.html


The English language documents are as follows:\Fun\Languages\437.Language
Chinese Simplified Language Documents are as follows:\Fun\Languages\936.Language
Chinese Traditional Language Documents are as follows:\Fun\Languages\950.Language

And Other language files you can create by yourself.

Sorry, My English is poor.English language documents are not very good. Can anyone help translate them?
You can install XP/2003 system with winntsetup under Windows PE without restarting, and then run CeoMSX Auto Processing Driver and ACPI.SYS.

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Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum and thanks for your interesting contribution, which may be very interesting for users, who are searching for suitable mass storage and USB drivers, which support Windows XP/Server 2003.

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Dieter (alias Fernando)

This download link died.
Was it a generic USB 3 driver ?

CeoMSX v3.0.2020.1215 (2020-12-15)