Toshiba C660D-13Q BIOS


I bricked my laptop (using the BIOS provided by Toshiba ) and desperately need help.

Laptop details:
Toshiba Satellite C660D-13Q
Part No: PSC1YE-00G009GE
Serial No: 3B55884K

Motherboard details:
Hannstar J MV-4 94V-0 1052
PWWBE LA-6849P Rev 1.0 2010-11-25

I tried to reflash it with a CH341A programmer but without success… I am not sure if I have the correct BIOS…

I believe I am flashing the correct chip, which is labelled U13. The chip details are:

TS25L020A -VCF 1103W 108F34 (Terra Semiconductor, 256KB, 3Volt, SPI)

If someone could send me the correct BIOS (v.1.40 I believe) and also recommend me a software for my CH341A device (it doesn’t recognise the TS25L020A chip), I would very much appreciate it.

There is another chip, U55, It is labelled “Winbond 25Q16BVSIG 1103” and wondering if that is the BIOS. The CH341A programmer can detect it successfully.

Please note also the white sticker above the chip that is labelled “PWWBE v1.40 BIOS U13 CB75”.

I was trying to flash the laptop with v1.60 from Toshiba, so since that didn’t work, I guess I must use V1.40. In the v1.60 update (I managed to extract with the UniExtract utility), there are 2 folders, DIS and UMA and each one has 2 files: BIOS.rom (2MB) and EC.rom (128KB). Which file is for which chip?

Many thanks

Terra Semiconductors TS25L020A.jpg

Terra Semiconductors TS25L020A_2.jpg

Winbond 25Q16BVSIG.jpg

Your help please…

Anyone can help?

Could someone have a look please and respond?

I did a recovery flash programming on a C660D-1D3… by the shecmatics it was U13 (Winbond) but, this one was in the place of ur U55.