toshiba satellite L50-B-2EM PSKTNE-021017DO sn: 1F145340C bios problem

hello, I have a problem with this notbook, at first the led power, power button and poweron was lit but black screen, I thought about reprogramming the bios, the chip is a GD25B64BSIG, I found a file on a site and with this you it turned on without problems with the screen ok, I turned off to reassemble the motherboard, after doing this already reconnecting the adapter the power, poweron and power button LEDs light up without pressing the button, I tried other files but it does not turn on, just as I have said above, the only difference with one of the files that I tried is turned off by holding down the button for a long time but then it does not turn on again, I would like to try to clean or rebuild the bios but I am not able and I am here to ask you for help
thank you

toshiba dablidmb8e0 rev e orig.rar (3.81 MB)