Tpm 2.0 chip on 3rd gen intel asus P8H77-M LE

i have a P8H77-M LE which ive soldered a header to and installed a 21 pin tpm 2.0 chip. the light on the chip comes on but nothing on the computer changes in tpm.msc. i would assume i need to mod the bios or something to support this chip. ive already modded the bios for NVME boot but as said i would like to get this chip to work so i can upgrade to windows 11 and play a game that repeatedly requests a tpm chip.

Theres no success reports of bios mod for TPM2.0 and Intel 7 series, that only supported TPM1.2. Plenty of reports and user experiences in the forum, without any results except, some users with Intel 8/9 series from Asrock/Gigabyte that requested a bios update from them and some got it.
Wont expect this from Asus…
Thats it… dont expect any more advances on this besides other users opinions.

"play a game that repeatedly requests a tpm chip"
What’s that game that request this???

can i at least get 1.2 working on the chip? the game that requires it is valorant and i dont play it that much but when my friends want to play its a bit of an issue, i had windows 11 for a bit but ended up having to reset the system to get back to windows 10

Your motherboard model, NOT even TPM1.2, is present in bios code/strings.
You cant take it from other bios models, so don’t ask.
About Valorant… that is usually due to “bans”, mac address, etc… too bad
Buy another model and sell that one, still only TPM1.2 present and support in Intel 7 Series and must use an old Asus TPM1.2 module…

that are not very easy to find, besides “Chinese” modules.
Good luck, over_n_out.


What part you don’t understand?

dont got enough money to buy another mobo, anyway. if i get a 1.2 chip and install it will it just work?

No it will not work it need tpm version 2.0. I have tried it with tpm 1.2.
Your motherboard cant work with tpm 2.0 and even don’t support 1.2.

But valorant in windows 10 do not requires tpm. Valorant ended support only for older versions of Windows 10 (version 1909 and earlier).
With the latest windows 10 it will work.

i know that it works with windows 10 but i want to install windows 11 since it looks tons better

Sorry but you cant play valorant with windows 11.

sad but i already knew, thanks for the help though