TPM Cross Compatability

I know that some of these TPM modules will work across brands and some will not.

I purchased a SuperMicro AOM-TPM-9665V-C (Vertical) Client TPM with Infineon 9665 for my Gigabyte X99-Designare EX and can confirm that it works.

I took a gamble after comparing the pin outs between manuals and it panned out. Perhaps this result will help someone else searching for answers.

I can tell you that the ASUS TPM2.0 20-1 module, the Gigabyte GC-TPM2.0 (not _S) and the SuperMicro you just mentioned are all compatible, I’ve seen them being used on each others boards in other forums.

The SuperMicro AOM-TPM-9665V-S variant works, as well. Note that depending on your motherboard, you may need to flash their firmware back to TPM1.2 to get them to work properly. Windows 11 will still install/work with TPM1.2 btw.

Very interesting and good information for a guy like me who has been reading up on TPM over the past days- lots of confusion out here. Anyway, can you please say a few things about the advantage of TPM 2.0 over TPM 1.2?

I fret that when I activate it and go into the Windows OS 10 at this time, I will run into problems later on when I want to update the firmware. As I understanding it, to update the firmware, TPM must be disabled. After disabling TPM, after having activated it, can the machine boot into the OS without any issue? In other words, when TPM is disabled first in the OS and then in the bios, does that result in all drives and such back to normal as if TPM was never activated to begin with? Asking in another way, once a machine is set to use TPM, does that mean the machine must continue to use TPM forever? The idea of having to have a password to unlock this and that is unsettling, if that is actually the case.

One other big issue for me is that ASUS only has firmware update for my board for TPM 1.2, I think. It is not TPM-L 2.0. I’ve read on one post that a 2.0 module does work, but as I understand it, the bios must be modified to recognize TPM-L 2.0 and the current bios is set to recognize only the 1.20. My understanding is certainly not clear for sure.


I think that if install the module 2.0, mobo will simply not see it. And you will have to downgrade the firmware of the TPM module to 1.2

I think that if install the module 2.0, mobo will simply not see it. And you will have to downgrade the firmware of the TPM module to 1.2

I have this issue. MSI board with TPM 1.2 support and TPM 2.0 module. BIOS see it, and it is enables, but can get activated…
I’m talking again with MSI to get any BIOS update (I think it is not possible…).
There is any way to downgrade TPM 2.0 firmware? Any help?

If you have a 9665 infineon On Supermicro site, download 9665FW update, extracted all the files.
Run this under command as administrator so you could find the current firmware version:
.\TPMFactoryUpd.exe -info
Then run this under command as administrator to downgrade current 2.0 firmware to 1.2 firmware:
.\TPMFactoryUpd.exe -update tpm20-emptyplatformauth -firmware TPM20_5.62.3126.0_to_TPM12_4.43.258.0.BIN