Hi Everyone,

I just like to request for some inputs regarding my setup… i’ve read the easy trim test thread and did some tests… I apparently don’t have a working TRIM function. What’s weird is that all indicators found on Intel’s website (Intel TRIM FAQ) says, TRIM should be working. Here’s a screenshot of the settings.

Considering that i’m using a Z77 board, Windows 8, the latest Intel OROM and RST Drivers, what do I need to do to get TRIM to actually work? I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong or what i need to get it right.

Thank you in advance!

Hello h3llRaiz3r,

welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thank you for your contribution.

Now to your problem:
Which Firmware version do your Corsair Force GT SSDs use?
I ask this, because someone at AnandTech found out, that the Firmware versions 5.0.0, 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 are blocking the TRIM command. For details you may look into >this< review.


Hi Fernando,

I believe I have the latest firmware, version 5.05a on both SSDs. Technically, 5.03 should’ve fixed it already… so i’m at loss.


@ h3llRaiz3r:

As you can read in the Corsair Force GT Review at AnandTech, Sandforce Controllers are generally very "tricky" resp. complicated regarding the TRIM support.
That is why I am not sure, that Corsair really has been already able to solve the TRIM problem.

that’s quite unfortunate… thanks anyway, i guess i’ll just have to perform a backup and secure erase every 6 months or so.