Trx40 TR3 boards compatible with Win7x64

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The list of compatible mobos.


MSI TRX40 PRO…n2_bEvxyACm.jpg

* A Patched ACPI driver is required to resolve the A5 BSOD in Windows 7 on the TRX40 platform.

TRX40 DESIGNARE works with modded acpi.sys driver

FlyToha reports lags & freezes on MSI TRX40 wifi:

[Solution] Win7/8.1 Drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers of new AMD Chipset Systems (25)


I think this might possibly be the HAL timer issue (XP has the same problem) but never got the WinTimerTester results back so I don’t know for sure.

So, as i understand TRX40 is working, but with noticable issues and perform much worser than x570?


x570 can have the same timer issue too (luck of the draw really, seems random), so it’s best to use a patch.

FlyToha reported freezes on 3960x, even with patch applied.


I didn’t know Flytoha had tried a patch.

looking at his post history I don’t see any indication he tried a patch.

It looks like i’ve mistaken. Thanks for correction!

Updated header post.


regarding compatible motherboards you should leave a note with an asterisk

* A Patched ACPI driver is required to resolve the A5 BSOD in windows 7 on the TRX40 platform.




Sorry for the question, maybe has been answered dozens of times…
I already have an installation with a MSI B450A Plus Max with 5600X and works fine.
I would like to go for a TRX40 maintaining the same installation, should it be possible? Can I download somewhere a driverpack to feed Windows with new drivers for TRX40?
Plus, where I can find this ACPI modded driver and where should I put it?
Thank you so much

Sorry for soooo late reply, i’ve just noticed you are writing to me.
This thread will answer all questions you have