[Solution] Win7/8.1 Drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 Controllers of new AMD Chipset Systems

For machines with A5 BSOD, please update the BIOS.
When the frozen logo appears, confirm whether the CSM has been enabled and whether the Resizable BAR has been disabled.
Asus motherboard (the BIOS itself has a BUG) should pay attention to the version when using the driver package, or it will be stuck in the boot LOGO.

The shared drive package supports all AMD platforms, such as AM3, FM1, FM2, X300, A320, B350, X370, X399, B450, X470, TRX40, A520, B550, PRO565, X570, WRX80, B650, X670 motherboards and all AMD APU/CPU. The driver package includes USB drivers, chipset drivers, network card drivers, sound card drivers and Intel/Samsung NVME drivers. The WiFi 6 wireless network card is not supported (I suggest that the BIOS diasble it, or replace the wireless network card or purchase the motherboard without WiFi). The built-in graphics card driver is not included.

Update 2024.06.29:
Drivers update. Fix some bugs.

Using driver package for win7 requires image pre integration of SHA256 patch.

AMD official USB driver modified version (Especially ASUS motherboard must use this version)

Users who are not ASUS motherboards strongly recommend using this driver package, which supports UASP and better compatibility(This package also can work for Intel and Zhaoxin platforms)AMD_Ryzen_Drivers_S9_Win7_64_SHA256_H

If you meet A5 BSOD, you can use mod acpi.sys to replace the file use PE system:
Replace C:\Windows\system32\drivers\acpi.sys
Replace C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\acpi.inf_amd64_neutral_476d4b744f1f6916\acpi.sys
MOD acpi.sys download link:WIN7 A5 FIX ACPI

If you don’t know how to have a full patch win7. Here is the English win7 pro x64 install image with drivers that support AMD platforms(Not support ASUS mainboards). You can use USB PE system to use tools install it:https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtTpD7JSBIarhJsDr2mj9qvEdTFqYQ?e=yDayfg


As we know, win7 has generic usb driver port from win8/server2012, it can work on many usb devices and suppot UASP.
If your mainboards is not ASUS, I recommend use win8 port driver first:https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/usb-3-xhci-driver-stack-for-windows-7.81934/

If your mainboards is ASUS, Enable Precision Boost Overdrive and Disable PBO FMax Enhancer in BIOS, because ASUS will freeze when booting if using the win8 port driver.

If you still want to use win8 port driver and not want to set the BIOS,you need to do like this: it need two drivers, One is AMD usb driver, another is daniel’s win8 port driver, and you need to modify there inf files like this:

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I read this reddit post.
This method works well on 300/400 + ZEN2 CPUs. However, reddit user “tfwStarving” said this method doesn’t work on X570 + ZEN2 CPUs.

Do I need to modify amdxhci.sys and amdhub3.sys in official AMD chipset drivers?
What would happen if I edit only the inf files like your drivers?

X570 also can use,but you must have ps/2 mouse orkeyboard to intsall the AMD chips driver first,and than install the mod usb driver.

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OK. You probably can’t access to Reddit in your country.

Reddit user Boxman90’s method is only changing DEV_145C to DEV_149C in amdxhc.inf.
AMD official amdxhci.sys and amdhub3.sys are untouched.
That method works well on 300/400 + ZEN2 CPUs but dose’t work on X570 + ZEN2 CPUs.
%AMDXHCI.DeviceDesc% = AMDXHCI, PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_145C
%AMDXHCI.DeviceDesc% = AMDXHCI, PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_149C

Only editing the inf files like your drivers is not enough to works well on X570 + ZEN2 CPUs?
Do I need to modify amdxhci.sys and amdhub3.sys in official AMD chipset drivers?

Only editing the inf files is enough to works well on X570 + ZEN2 CPUs and don’t need to modify amdxhci.sys and amdhub3.sys.
But you must have ps/2 mouse orkeyboard to intsall the AMD chips driver first,and than install the mod usb driver.
I test on Asus X370-I and MSI X570 gaming plus, they both can work.
There are something that need to note:
1、 WIN7 install.win must include KB3033929.
2、Do not Inject the USB Driver to install.win.
3、Before you install the USB driver, you must AMD chips driver first.
If you do not do that 3 points , you will miss BOSD.

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Thanks for your info.

Some X570 motherboard don’t have PS/2 ports.
1. I will integrate Asmedia USB driver or Renesas USB driver into windows 7 image.
2. Install windows 7 with that ISO image.
3. Install official AMD chipset drivers and then install the mod usb driver.
Is this procedures correct?

If the mainboard don’t have PS/2,you need a PCI-E to USB card。
Don’t forget the KB3033929

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this would be ideal


OK, thanks.
I will use a Renesas USB3.0 card, though I haven’t gotten ZEN2 CPUs and x570 mob yet.

New version had uploaded, solve old version bsod.

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The sub folder names are garbled.


Good works!
My Asus Prime Plus B350 has no Windows 7 3.0 driver.
The board has a working 3.1 driver.

Will try your driver.


In the Gigabyte B450M GAMING diskless WIN7, there will be a boot or shutdown blue screen

@ silver258
You need install the AMD chips drivers first,than install the usb driver,if you want to make a win7 install image, you should use dism++ to make both the chips and usb driver into the install image

However, after installing the driver of AMD’s chipset, the image is directly damaged under the diskless disk, and there are many computers restarted at the same time without disk. The probability of blue screen will be much larger, and some will be the same when shutting down. Blue screen

The bit in bold, which AMD chipset driver are you using for win7 on x570 as there is only win10 version available on AMD website?

bump, anyone?

Don’t work to spend loads on x570 if I can’t run win7 on it (I have stuff that needs it so can’t switch to win10 for everything, though I will run that from it too)

This link isn’t working - only the one in the first post. Has that been updated to the newer file? If not please can you repost this link?

Just noticed you updated the original link - I’d missed that, sorry. Thanks for your efforts with this :slight_smile:

Someone’s done an online video for anyone needing more guidance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6_MdxMUpRE . It looks like they’re using canonkong’s drivers!

Win7 on x570 is possible as people have said earlier in this thread, and for the AMD chipset drivers (according to the video) just use the x470 set with the extra usb drivers as provided by canonkong