Trying to Enable Secure Erase in BIOS Asrock Z170 OC Formula

Hello I have been trying to show/enable Secure Erase in my BIOS. I have tried changing it from DEFAULT to USER or even SUPERVISOR but nothing happens after I save the image and flash the modified BIOS via instant flash. I also follow the Asrock flashing guide to avoid secure bios fail issue. My problem is that IFR extractor doesn’t work with my BIOS. I would like to know if it is possible to “cut and paste” Secure Erase from No. 1 Advanced list to No. 2 as i think that will make it show up. I am referring to the picture I uploaded. My BIOS is 7.40
The BIOS is too big to upload here so I will post the link:…ownload&os=BIOS