Trying to find the image format

hi to everyone i have a bios from “exo BR40II7” motherboard but my problem is i try o change the boot logo and i find 2 diferent modules with the name LOGO 00.bin and LOGO 01.bin. using the software phoenix SLIC tool i can extract this 2 modules and the image its in .SCN0 FORMAT according to HxD.

and the other file =
this image its not in format = JPG- PNG- PCX - GIF-BMP. i trying to find the way to see this pic.

I will attach both files and I would need to know how to convert it to a readable format and be able to view the image and then I would need to know how to convert an image to that particular format.

LOGO00.rar (3.7 KB)
LOGO01.rar (7.6 KB)

  • If anyone has any tips, it would be great. I went crazy looking for a way around it.