Trying to migrate windows xp (ide mode) to new hardware with ahci only Intel C236 ahci controller.

Hi, i would like to replace existing hardware. I have a running pc in ide mode. I would think importing the correct regfile with the iastor service and correct guid for the C236 and placing a iastor.sys in system32 would be possible?
Then shut down pc, place hdd in the new hardwith with c236 ahci and boot. Could you help me if there is a package for this and how to get things imported? I tried the universal pack for xp32 but it fails to import and i am not sure if the right guid is in there anyway.
Help would be greatly appriciated. Donation will follow of course!


@Delo123 :
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It is possible to do that, but you will not be able to boot into the OS after having done it.
By the way: I generally do not recommend to change the SATA mode fom IDE to AHCI from within an already running OS.
It is far better and safer to do a clean install of the desired OS onto your new system wiith the desired SATA mode. You will find the related guide within the start post of >this< thread.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

How do you mean not be able to boot? Sonit isn’t possible? We cannot reinstall. There is a software installed which controlls public bridges and the company is out of business and we need to keep the systems alive on new hardware for a while. Thx

Why do you want to change the SATA mode to AHCI? It will be much easier to leave the SATA mode at “IDE”.
Another option would be to force the installation of the “wrong” Intel RST AHCI driver while running the SATA Controller in IDE mode and to switch the SATA mode to AHCI while rebooting.