Trying to update a HP laptop cannot find working drivers.

Hi guys,

My gram recently passed and I was given her laptop to do schoolwork for college. It is an HP with a model number of 15-bs006ds. It was unbearably slow. I took out the 5400RPM hard drive and replaced it with an OCZ Solid 3 SSD I had laying around. Then, I installed Windows 10 x64 Pro on it. It came with Windows 10 x64 on it. I wanted to get rid of all the HP crap too so things would speedup. I am having a problem now installing drivers for it. I tried installing the drivers from the HP page and they will not work. This laptop is the Braswell variant. It has an Intel N3060 CPU. I’m not sure what all drivers I need but I would like to at least get a chipset and sata driver that will work. Right now the Windows installed sata driver is from 2006. I think that is why my ssd is only running 200mb reads and 100mb write speed when it should get over 500mb both ways. If there is any other drivers I can install please let me know. Thanks for your help fellas.