Trying to Update the IME Firmware on Asus Maximus III Formula; Need FITC Help

Hello again. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to update the Intel ME firmware on my Asus Maximus III Formula, and need someone who has already done this before to provide me with the necessary modifications I need to make in the Intel FITC to get the latest Ignition IBX firmware to build into the latest BIOS. Currently getting the Please increase the total flash part size error from just swapping the ME Region.bin file.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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could try to update it using fwupdate instead?

You cannot. It says so in a readme file that comes along with the latest firmware file for the Ignition IBX. It’s because it’s an RGN file, not a UPD file, which is what FWUpdate uses.

For lolz, I tried passing the RGN file to both the Windows and DOS FWUpdate tools, and both error out.

OK, you found the note regarding IBX already.

Otherwise: Bad descriptor again. Try using the values (size, filename) for pdr region shown in FIT for the bios region and continue just as you did for the other bios…

That did it. Thanks again lfb6!

Okay, now, I don’t want to keep asking for fish, but instead but would want to learn how to fish, as the old saying goes. I’m done updating all my 1st-gen boards, but in case I need to update other boards, and not just Asus boards, are there guides I can read up on covering the FITC in greater detail besides whatever Intel has provided about their own tool? Are there guides to understand the layout of 1st-gen BIOSes? etc. etc.

Newer boards from ME7 (Except maybe X79) are easier, more same rules for all, more EFI bios regions which have a known structure. Exceptions from ME 12 on where update images need to be stitched together different ways. But read plutomaniacs guides about CSME, cleaning regions, there’s all the knowledge you’d normally need.

Good luck!

Me 2 rely me, i am facing the same problem…