Two Bricked laptops!!!!

Hello there everyone i was trying to mod the bios on two Asus laptops (GL703gm and Q200E) and long story short i bricked them . Been reading how to fix them so i bought a usb flash programmer. Little that i know i erase the bios chips and reflashed but the computers wont do anything. I kept reading so i figure that i mess up the fd and me regions. My question is how can i reflash or repair those regions on my bios chips. Any help would be appreciated.

@rmangual77 - So, you dumped each chip before you erased it, correct???!??!?!?!?
Hope so!!! If yes, send to me

What did you program them with?? I mean, what files did you write to the chips after you erased them?
Also, what is the BIOS Chip ID on each system, look with your eyes, do not rely on software to tell you. Some chips you can only read/write properly with certain software or software versions.

Thanks for the reply. unfortunately i didn’t dump them at all, I just re flash the chips with the stock bios from Asus. I open the files with Uefi tool and saw they have no Intel Me regions on them, So now the laptops wont do anything. On the Asus Q200e the chip is a Windbond 25064fvig, On the asus gm703gm the chip model is a 25L12873F. Hope that helps. thanks again for your help.

I got it fix by flashing this file from other gm703gm thread in this forum (sorry i couldn’t add the link since im a noob here) Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience. Pls pm me your paypal so i can thank you.

@rmangual77 - You’re welcome! Sorry to hear you did not dump either chip! Hopefully this will teach you to never erase or write to a chip without first dumping it, AND making sure or having someone make sure for you, that it’s a good valid dump./
Yes, often stock BIOS is just an “update”, usually missing FD and ME region, but could also be missing other regions too such as GbE and sometimes also missing some actual BIOS volumes too.
And some include volumes that DO NOT get written to chip, so should not be programmed in either.

For 25Q64FV you should use 1.30 or 1.34 and 25Q64BV ID, or possibly ASprogrammer works OK too (I can’t remember)
For MX25L12873F use CH341A v1.31(1.4) (CH341AFree) (This is the name of the folder), ASProgrammer 1.4 or 1.41, or CH341A v1.1.1.32
All programs/versions mentioned above are included in this package -…213094641136166

Good to hear you were able to get the GL703GM, sorry I don’t have a dump for Q200E, but maybe I could find one?
For the GL703GM, do you have any images of the BIOS main page from before this happened? If yes, I can fix your serial and UUID.
Hopefully Ethernet MAC ID is not stored in BIOS and Ethernet works, or at least Wifi will still work no matter what, since it’s MAC ID is stored on chip.

No need to be sorry, nothing inconvenient here for me, only sad you did not dump chip so we could fix all your BIOS properly back to original.
Thank you, I will send you a PM

Ohh! Here you go, for the Q200E
Or S200E (EU equivalent)…slj8e-bios-bin/

Or here, but you have to pay $2-3 I think for 1-2 day access -
And here, other paid site (sorry, don’t know the prices here, but I have used them before back when it used to be free one download daily)

Thanks once again i was able to get both of them working. This has been a valuable lesson and an incredible learning experience.

@rmangual77 - You’re welcome!! Awesome to hear other system is back up and running now too
Yes, always dump chips before you erase or write. Add if you can, have someone check them for you to be sure it’s a valid dump.
I say this because not all software/version can read/write from all chips properly, and if you are not sure if good dump or just corrupted BIOS, you may not know and have an invalid dump rather than a good dump of the corrupted BIOS
So gotta be sure it’s good dump before moving forward

Can you help me, I pay for it. Need to unbrick Asus s551lb, I got the bios 2.1