UASP and BOT driver for USB Connections

MCCI Universal UASP USB driver for UASP in USB 2, 3, 3.1, 3.2 mod request:

I have found a/the MCCI UASP USB driver here under
"RAIDDrive I only…"

You can see this UASP/SCSI driver working on and improving USB 2 and 3 speeds here:…e-review_1277/4
(Pity about Random 4K read speeds)

And the installation procedure, proving its the MCCI UASP driver here:…e-review_1277/2

That UASP/SCSI allows? the SCSI equivalent of TRIM, called UNMAP…!

If possible plz can you mod this driver to be universal Fernando and co?

(Universal USB BOT driver tweaking:

Windows only pretends to enable write caching for anything but the NTFS Fie sys to give their FS a fake shine.
A Reg Mod is required to actually do so for other FS’s. Even exFAT.
Uwe Sieber’s USB-WriteCache app is convenient:

Change MaximumTransferLength to better suite the average file size of the file you want to transfer to/from USB:…mTransferLength
For files bigger than 2MB, choose 2MB.
For files smaller than 64K, like readyboost or running apps from USB, choose the stock 64KB.
Or match to the available size options in-between.
512K tends to be the erase block size of most flash drives and a good compromise)

@Logic :
Since your linked packages don’t contain a usable USB 3.0/3.1 driver and are primarily designed for outdated Windows Operating Systems, I recommend to post them within a better matching Sub-Forum.

Any Sub_Forum you recommend, or would like to move this to is fine Fernando.

I am unsure what you mean by:
"…your linked packages don’t contain a usable USB 3.0/3.1 driver…"
Is the driver package incomplete?
Missing files?

Here are new/different installation instructions that don’t require a setup file:…nstallation.pdf

While the install package only goes as new as Win 7 etc, it is a 64bit windows driver and should work in Win 10??

I would think the ability to run basically any flash drive from USB 2 up as a UASP device with TRIM makes this driver worthwhile?

This is MCCI’s description of the above universal bot and UASP driver for USB 2 and up:…ck-for-windows/

I’m sure you will agree its worth having if the .inf file can be modded to be universal to all flash drives…?

@Logic :

Yes, where is an USB Controller driver and where is an USB Hub driver?

I doubt it. Modern Windows Operating Systems from Win8 up usually don’t work with Win7 drivers.

The TRIM and UNMAP commands do only have an effect on the cells of SSDs, not on USB Flash drives.

@Logic :
Since your posts are primarily usable for Win7 users, I have moved them into the OS related Sub-Forum.