UEFI Download Tool is coming back for round 2.0

That’s right folks you heard it yourself, one of your favorite programmers is back, and I have decided to not let any of my work remain broken, i took much pride in making these programs, and i cannot stand another day with my hard work unusable, anyone who remembers this program I need suggestions for what YOU would like to see in the Upcoming 2.11 update, everything that was included in the last version will be working fully.

For those not familiar with this program a Photo has been attached of the program launched in Debugging mode in Visual Studio.

Wish me luck on reconstructing Web Methods for each Manufacturer, I’m going to optimize this code the best I know how to. All current features were optimized very well and cannot ever cause the program to crash. any new features requested that may be implemented may start out rough until fully optimized like the other features had to endure.

Sincerely GlitchyHack.

UEFI Download Tool Screenshot.png

UEFI Download Tool DEMO.jpg

Well I for one will appreciate you getting this back up and running. Thanks for your hard work and look forward to seeing the update!