UEFI DUET does not boot from a USB flash drive

I’m trying to create a UEFI DUET flash drive using these tools:

Once I managed to create using the Tianocore installer but now I can’t - I don’t understand what’s going on
Creating a flash drive is not a problem but I can’t start the computer from it. The same happens in the Qemu virtual machine as I take a flash drive image to the .img file.

When booting from Tianocore version I have error:


When booting from DUET - REFIND version the machine starts from the next item on the Boot Menu list - DUET does not start and there are no DUET messages on the screen

I tried to clean the flash drive with zeros, I’m trying to create a flash drive under WinXP or under Win7 but it doesn’t help (diskpart in WinXP does not support USB flash drive and I use HP USB format tool - as advised in the Tianocore manual - Usage_Windows.txt)

I also found a ready image duet.img 50MB and after writing to a flash drive DUET always works on real or virtual machine Qemu - I can replace the EfiLdr20 file with other DUET versions.

Why can’t I start DUET from a USB stick created with Tianocore or DUET REFIND tools???

I found the cause of the problem

I don’t know if the size of the USB flash drive matters, but I tested with a 1GB SD card in a USB reader and USB flash drive 4GB.

The problem causes HP USB Disk Storage Format Utility.

You have to use the older version of the tool (not HP) from Hiren’s:

USB Disk Storage Format Tool 1.0 (usb_format.exe CRC-32: cd01f561)

or archive version: usb_format.zip (usb_format.exe CRC-32: 5b65a817)


P.S. Maybe HP Tool is good only for large capacity USB flash drives.

It looks like the MBR and PBR Sector are missing did you try NoInks ( [Guide] NVMe-boot for systems with legacy BIOS and UEFI board (DUET-REFIND) )
Duet Package which include also the correct format of the usb sticks + boot sectors?