Unbricking Asus 470-F WSON-8 with CH341A 1.8V adapter

Hey everyone. I’ve been reading this forum for over a year now and thanks to this community I’ve managed to learn a lot about bios modding. Until now I found all the information on the forum but I have an issue where I would love to have some assistance because I don’t want to screw up a good motherboard.

I messed up one hex code while updating my bios mod for the Asus X470-F. Since the bios has a WSON-8 chip I can’t use the test clip from my CH341A. I have the 1.8V adapter and want to connect the pins on the motherboard to to 1.8V adapter to unbrick my motherboard. Here are some pictures of the adapter and the pins for the chip. In these pictures I’ve put some numbers and letters to the connectors.

Is the right way to connect the CH341A?
A=1 B=2
C=3 D=4
E=5 F=6
G= 7 H=8

I’ve tried to search the forum here but I’m a bit insecure because this is the first time I’m using the CH341A.

Thanks a lot for any help and thanks for all the great information on this forum.

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@Eder - Here is all the info I know about Asus pinouts at post #2 - Using a Netgear PCI Ethernet card to flash bios.