Unclock ram speed on dell inspiron 3501

Hi, I need help with my bios; the ram frequency seems to doesn’t go over 2666mhz, even if the actual sodimm sticks are rated at 3200mhz.
I already managed to change somethings in my bios using the setup_var metod with grub (i activated S3 power state, Imon slope to 90% for bypass the power limit a bit. i have i file of the bios setup (i don’t know how its specific name (will link down below), and i found the ratio of the ram and the reference clock (100 or 133), and if i put it on 100 the frequency will go at 2600mhz, and with 133 2666mhz, and it seems to completly ignore the ratio;
Another interesting thing that i found was the maximum frequency allowed, but i’m having trumble with variable, because it doesn’t allow me to write there apparently.
I hope someone can show me the correct changes i have to make in order to get the full 3200mhz.
here is the file.
File_DXE_driver_E6A7A1CE-5881-4B49-80BE-69C91811685C_Setup IFR.zip (271.5 KB)

UPDATE: i notice that enabling the XMP Profile make the system crash, AFTER i removed the overcloking lock and enable the overcloking feature (and i also disabled cfg lock, but i don’t think that matters).
Is possible that the ram doesn’t support XMP, even if it’s rated at 3200mhz, or maybe i had to change the ratio and timings before exit. Anyway, i easily restored the pc with a cmos reset.

A ton of utilities around the web can inspect and see what the XMP profiles, revision etc…
Ill just give a tip… Thaiphoon Burner

Unlocking is not saying that the bios knows how to work and engage the XMP modules profile, timmings etc…

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With that software and CPUZ i appured that my ram don’t support XMP, so, of course i can’t enable it in the bios;
I got a table with the frequency supported and the timings

Now i got all this info, but i still can’t push the ram to their designed 3200 mhz. thanks for your message.
Anyway i think that the microcode that’s causing all this problems is this:

With setup_var it as the value of 0x6b which seem really strange to me, because the real frequency is 2666, and if i try to set it to auto it doesn’t work, and it gives me a error like <0000000001a> unable to write data, or something like this.
I don’t know why, but not only with this, i can’t write values higher than 0xXX for example, so i couldn’t put it to 3200 directly.