Unlock PCI E Gen4 support option - Asus Tuf Gaming B450 plus

Hello ,

Can someone do this mod please ? ,
I think that an option is hidden …
I explain : In the first release of this bios that you can find here :


Pci-e Gen 4 was activated for Ryzen 3xxx CPU

But thereafter this options was disabled, the last official bios is here (beta) :


Is it possible to re-activate this functionality in this bios ?

Many thanks

And was indeed @4.0 ??? What cpu/gpu?
AMD Ryzen 3000 series has PCIe 4.0 support but offcialy in B550 up chipsets.
These feature on older chipsets were retired by OEMs later with latest bios/AGESA updates, thats probably why you dont see it anymore, try AMIBCP 5.xx or IFRextract to see if still there, if not it cant be added or unlocked as its not present anymore.

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