Unlocked laptop bios, but still getting power limit throttling.

i have an acer a515-51 laptop. My bios is already unlocked (Thanks, Lost_N_Bios), but i still get power throttling. This laptop uses an i7-7500U processor that have an tdp of 15w, but can go up to 25w. i usualy limit it to 15w or 16w. But when i use something more heavy, its starts throttling the power. Its no more throttle thermal, but its throttle power even when i have set a new limit in bios config.

I was searching about this problem, and found the possible cause is the limits set by the"Embedded Controller".

Is it possible to modify the embedded controller firmware to stop my throttling? I know its a risk, but my laptop throttling all the time is really annoying me, i cant do nothing a little heavier without throttling.

i hope someone can help, because i dont know more what do to with this laptop. Thanks…

Hi Daevas:
I have observed the operation of the fan speed control on a Samsung laptop with the RWEVERYTHING software viewing the EC and I found that it is based on a table saved in the BIOS. This table has temperature values ​​on the one hand and default values ​​that change the fan speed on the other.
Maybe in your case there is something similar.