unlocking Advanced setting mode in bios

greetings, i have a Asus x509jp laptop (intel i5 1035g1). it only had 4gb ram running at 2667mhz so i decided i will add some more and bought a HyperX impact 8gb 2667mhz ram and installed it. but when i checked, it shows both RAMs are running at 2400mhz. i thought maybe the 4gb RAM which came with my laptop when i bought it was a 2400mhz ram and it was overclocked to 2667 but in the cmd it says both ram are 2667mhz. So then i thought “ehh not a problem, i will just overclock both of them to 2667mhz using xmp”. but when i went to enable xmp in the bios, there wasn’t an option to do so, my bios only boots up in legacy mode and i can’t get to UEFI mode, and there’s no advanced mode option, please help