Unlocking onboard Intel UHD 630 graphics using AHCI drivers....


I was browsing this forum last week and found a post asking about unlocking the onboard I7 graphics on a laptop with RTX2070 and there was a reply saying it can be done using AHCI drivers.

I have searched my history but cannot find that post or the member who posted it.

So I would like to ask if it is possible to do?

I have a CyberPower Tracer 2 gaming laptop with I7-8750H and RTX2070 but the BIOS was factory locked and only the RTX2070 is used and shows up in any settings. This is a OEM barebones system made by Quanta model: NL5E (U3E1) - Chipset: Intel ID3EC4 (Intel Mobile HM370 ? )
The current BIOS is: INSYDE QP121 Rev 5.0 - Build Time: 01/14/2019 - ME FW Version
OS is Win10 version 1903

I have got an unlocked version of the BIOS with lots of weird options I’ve never seen before and now a ‘Display Configuration’ menu but it is empty.

All I want is to use the onboard graphics for all non-gaming use and have a switch on the taskbar (Intel UHD 630 / RTX2070) like on my previous systems with onboard graphics.

Any help will be much appreciated.




I’ve never heard of this, and I’m skeptical.
I’m not even sure how it would work, AHCI (a mass storage protocol) and Graphics cards aren’t even remotely similar.

Well the post definitely said it can be done with drivers - I just didn’t bookmark/subscribe to it and next time I opened the browser it didn’t reopen the previous session.

Yes I did some research on AHCI and it mainly talked about storage protocols PATA/IDE/SATA - which also had me puzzled.

I will do a thorough search through my history.

Please update your bios,drivers and windows to the latest and provide the bios link in your post.also mentioning its type priorly will be helpful,like ami/award/phoenix

Anyone modded/unlocked CyberPower Tracer 2 laptop (Quanta NL5E chassis) with Insyde QP121 BIOS?
Also yours as it seems