Unlocking the fixed/dynamic vga option or MUXed/MUXless AMI bios

hello i am new here so i dont know if i am in the right section.
i have an msi laptop "GV62 8RD"
i have 1050ti nvidia and intel gpu and i knew i can fully disable the intel gpu through my bios and only use the nvidia as my only gpu
i went to switchanble graphics and i only see MUXless option but no MUXed
also when i unlocked the graphics configuration and switche form SG to PEG or PCI it disabled the nvidia fully while staying on SG and disabling internal vga gives me black screen n boot
also they say there is option to choose fixed or dynamic graphics mode whichi can not find on my bios menus
so is there any option where i can disable my on board vga from the bios?

i am using amibcp to edit the menu.
i found out my bios conatins px PowerXpress but i cant find it in the menu

This is normal, the black screen I mean, this means you can’t enable one and disable the other, due to all graphics routed through the one you disabled when you get black screen (Whatever that one was, must always be enabled)
Very few laptops are capable of running real actual switchable graphics (Fixed/Muxed). Your BIOS only has option for Muxless. There is no hidden PowerXpress option, and even if there was it would be useless without Muxed option anyway.
Onboard VGA can’t be disabled, otherwise nothing to output graphics from to your monitor, it’s the only thing connected to your monitor

That was sad to hear as i saw some BIOSs can enable hidden muxed option and the px menu but seems its not possible in mine
So rip disabling nVidia optimus for me

I am just the opposite of you. I want to close the discrete graphics card by modifying the bios file. Because the notebook is hot, my notebook is FX80GE (FX504GE).

FX504GE-AS.318.zip (4.74 MB)

Can i upload my bios in here and you take a look?
I saw you enabling some hidden stuff thay are not visible in amibcp using the hex and stuff
We cam try? Am pretty sure my laptop supports fixed/dynamic muxless

@javanc - take your system apart and clean out the fans and redo the thermal paste on GFX and CPU, that will help a lot!
I can help you unlock BIOS if you want, but since you want to disable graphics I’ll only do that after you order flash programmer and SOIC8 test clip with cable and send me programmer dump once it arrives.
This way I know you can recover from black screen, since that is probably the outcome.

@muddii_yasser - I am not sure what you are referring to, about enabling things that are not shown in AMIBCP (usually AMIBCP shows all possible and only options)
I can make things visible for you that you can’t see in BIOS, but can see in AMIBCP. No, your laptop does not support Fixed Muxed options, only muxeless

Yes i understand it doesnt support fixed muxed but in earlier versions of my laptop and same mechanism we can switched between graphics aka fixed muxless
I mean when i searched in the strings in amibcp i found the string px also when i choose the primary display to peg my nvidia card grts disabled not the igpu.
I think thats everything if there is a no go with disabling the igpu how can if fix the performance of my card on optimus at least
My card on optimus gets 150fps on games while on gsync it ia 280😅