untouched Aopen BIOS --> UEFITool reports invalid data checksum

First of all many thanks to Fenando, Lost_N_BIOS, plutomaniac, Plato and all the other for this very helpfull forum !

Aopen sold two versions of the same PC with 100% identically motherboards. A Early version for Sandy and a late version for Ivy Bridge Mobile CPUs.
Therefore was two different BIOS versions available, IPB17.rom for Sandy Bridge and IPI13.rom for Ivy Bridge.

I checked these two origin and unmodded Aopen Aptio 4 BIOS files with UEFITool rev 0.28.0 and UEFITool NE alpha 57 with different results.

Both UEFITools don’t report neither invalid data checksum error in IPB17.rom nor wrong file alignments.
In IPI13.rom I got a invalid data checksum and four wrong alignmnets messages.




IPB17.rom sha256 6bb6ca63b3a8e18646003bc9c7cf6b4a66dd12a5ea7880a4c60f0ed5947c71fa
IPI13.rom sha256 eb82a901fd87c4e8c64c18c9690937cfa0ca706e974ad5917451e9b050437bda

Maybe anyone have an idea about the reason of the UEFITool messages in IPI13,rom ?



IPB17.rom_ORIGINAL.zip (1.41 MB)

IPI13.rom_ORIGINAL.zip (1.8 MB)