update from ms nvme driver to samsung nvme driver

dell Precision 3640 / Win 10Pro / Samsung 980pro (C drive) Samsung 970 EVO Plus (D drive)
System stable and operating normally using Microsoft Standard NVM Express Controller
Storage Controllers installed and visible include the Samsung NVMe Controller
I cannot Update or Change the Controller (Driver) on either drive to the Samsung Controller
Update attempts always result in: Best Driver is installed.
Any thoughts on how to Update/Change to the Samsung Driver ?

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If you want to manually change the in-use NVMe driver, you should
a) expand the "Storage Controllers" section of the Device Manager,
b) do a right-click onto the listed NVMe Controller,
c) choose the options "Update driver" > "Browse my computer…",
d) navigate to the location of the desired NVMe driver and
e) click onto the "Continue/Next" button.
The driver installation will be done automaticly, if the desired driver is a specific one, newer or has a higher version number.
If you get the message, that "the best driver is already installed, you can force the installation by choosing the option "Let me pick…", pressing the "Have Disk" button and navigating to the relevant *.inf file.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

I do not find any .inf file only .sys files under Windows/System 32/drivers/secnve.sys
Storage Controllers: shows: Samsung NVMe Controller

@jayson :

This verifies, that you have already the Samsung NVMe driver installed.
If you want to revert to the MS in-box NVMe driver, do the following:
Right-click onto the "Samsung NVMe Controller" > "Update Driver" > "Browse my Computer…" > "Let me pick…".
Within the list of "Compatible Devices" you will now see the "Standard NVM Express Controller". Click onto it and then onto the "Continue/Next" button.
Now the MS in-box NVMe driver will be automaticly reinstalled.

Both drives show the MS NVMe driver in use
I want to switch to the Samsung driver having no luck doing so

@jayson : You should not try to update the driver of the SSDs (shown within the "Disks" section of the Device Manager). The disk management is done by MS drivers and cannot be replaced.
Please re-read my first reply!

I must be missing something. The Samsung driver is installed, why can I not use it.
From what I have read, the Samsung driver provides improved performance as shown in various reports using Samsung Magician
Thanks for your patience.

@jayson :

If the Samsung NVMe driver has been installed, it must have been done by you (Microsoft would never silently replace their own driver by a third party one).
What lets you think, that you cannot use or are not using the Samsung NVMe driver?

To find out, which driver is currently in-use by the NVMe Controller of your NVMe SSD, do the following:
1. Expand the "Storage Controllers" section of the Device Manager.
2. Right-click onto the listed Controller with the word "NVMe" in its name (not the "Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller") and choose the option "Properties".
3. Hit onto the "Driver" tab and then onto the button "Driver Details".
If the Samsung NVMe Controller is using a Samsung NVMe driver, you will see pictures like these:

Samsung NVMe Controller and Driver.png

Samsung NVMe Driver Details.png

You are correct. I installed the Samsung Driver per the Samsung instructions.
All went well AFTER I removed the Kioxia SSD.
I can see the Samsung Driver in Storage Controllers as: Samsung NVMe Controller
When I go to Disk Drives, both the Samsung SSD 980 Pro and the SSD 970 are present
When I open the 980 Pro (or the 970) Properties/Driver the Provider is Microsoft/date 6/21/2006/Version10.0.19041.789
Any attempt to update results in the statement: The best Driver is already installed.
I have not found a way to use the Samsung NVMe Controller on either SSD
I have not been able to use the manual suggestions as I have not been able to find any .inf file
Since the Samsung Driver is installed, there should be some way that I can assign it to the Samsung 980 SSD
Again, thanks for you patience

With the Samsung NVMe Driver installed and showing up in Device Manager / Storage Controllers does anyone have any suggestions on how I can change the Driver shown in the Samsung 980 Pro from the Microsoft default Driver ? Update Driver only yields: The Best Driver is already installed.

@jayson :
If you see any device named “Samsung NVMe Controller” within the “Storage Controllers” section of the Device Manager, the Samsung NVMe driver is already in-use for that Controller.
I suspect, that you tried to update the driver of the device named “Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller”. This device needs a Microsoft driver and cannot be replaced by any third party driver.
If you don’t believe me, do a right-click onto one of the listed “Samsung NVMe Controllers” and choose the options “Properties” > “Driver”.
You should see a picture like this one (provided, that the Samsung driver really has been installed):

Samsung NVMe driver.png

Note: Within the "Storage Controllers" section are only the Controllers listed, not the SSDs. > You will never see there the name of your NVMe SSD (e.g. Samsung 980 Pro)! They are only listed within the "Disk Drives" section.

You are correct. However the SSD when looking at Device Manager / Disk Drives / Samsung SSD 980 PRO / Driver shows Microsoft 6/21/2006 / 10.0.19041.789
There I assume, correctly or incorrectly, that the SSD is using the Microsoft Driver.

@jayson : All Windows Operating Systems are using Microsoft drivers for the Disk Management, but these drivers just detect the related disk drives (HDD or SSD/manufacturer/model/size/formatting and partition data etc.) and make sure, that they work as they should (as SSD or HDD), but these MS "drivers" have no impact on the performance of the related HDD/SSD.

Hello Fernando,
help me flash motherboard gigabyte H310MV 2.0 to install a windows 10 x64 oem … I suck at it … my thanks.

Nouveau document texte (3).txt (201 Bytes)

Thank you. I think you finally have me convinced. Also, Samsung Magician seems to work perfectly and addresses the drives as I believe it should.
Again, thank you for your patience.

@labo66 :Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Although I don’t understand what you want, I am nearly sure, that your request has nothing to do with the topic of this thread.
If you want to flash a modded BIOS, you should read the start post of >this< thread and post your questions there.
Dieter (alias Fernando)


So ur board doesn’t have a M.2 slot and u want to boot with one, in a PCIe adaptor, is this what u want…if so, ur bios contains the proper AMI NVMe module present…no need no mod for that.
Other from that, its Fernando words that u should follow.

Using Samsung Magician I get the following Read / Write speeds: Read: 3502 Write: 3354 Random (IOPS) Read: 219970 Write: 160156
Do these results look about correct to you using the Samsung MVNe Driver 3.3

@jayson : If you want to compare the performance of the generic MS NVMe driver with the Samsung one, you should do a benchmark test with both drivers.
Since I don’t use Samsung’s Magician (except for a Firmware update), I cannot rate your results. I always use Anvil’s Storage Utilities, when I do benchmark tests.