Update Gigabyte BIOS using TL866 II Plus or TL809f Bricked Board

Hi, im gathering information in how to update bios or mod it using those eeprom wiriters in the subject.

Since almost any boards these days have UEFI BIOS it would be impossible to grab a bin from manufacturer site and wirite it directy on chip.

So the main porpouse here is to list what is needed successfully update or mod and Gigabyte bios.

I have searched this forum for similar threads but found none.

Here have some userfull information to start showing that some data validation is required for gigabyte boards.

www .win-raid.com/t1361f16-Flashing-Gigabyte-while-avoiding-quot-Invalid-BIOS-image-quot.html

Hope you guys can help me wirite this step by setp tutorial for everyone who has a bricked board and a lot of will.

@BVilela - What motherboard model? All modern Gigabyte BIOS, you can download, unzip, and program in with programmer, unless there’s rare one’s I’ve missed, which why I asked the model to be sure for you.
What you linked above is unrelated to programming BIOS, that is about flashing in mod BIOS with working board. I’ve modified 1000’s of Gigabyte BIOS

Dump your BIOS first, before you erase or write, that way someone can check it for yo to be sure it’s valid and OK
And so that someone can transfer your LAN MAC ID over to stock BIOS for you, if you are not sure how.

Hello @Lost_N_BIOS apreciate if you can help moving the thread to the right place.

The model wich i’ll rewirite is Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 rev1.0.

I was comparing and old bios backup from this board and comparing to those downloaded from gigabyte’s website and the only information regarding the board that i found was the MAC ID, i was looking for UUID or other unique identifiers to copy to the new file, so from you commet looks to me that is this is all that i need?

mi intention is to make a tutorial more or less like this one “Using CH341A-based programmer to flash SPI EEPROM” (sorry can’t post links yet)

Thank you for the quick reply!

@BVilela - Thread is in OK place I think Yes, UUID/serial is not used in Gigabyte BIOS.

For that model, just unzip BIOS and it’s ready to write, but you do want to put your MAC ID in. Depending on your programmer, you may need to rename BIOS extension from .Fxx to .bin.
For MAC ID, if you do not know it on this board, it should be on a sticker on 24 pin, on SATA ports, or possibly on top/bottom side of PCIE slots. It may be the one on sticker by top right corner of NB heatsink
If you can’t find and are not sure, dump current BIOS with programmer, and you will find the MAC ID at 1000h in hex editor. If board is running, make sure Ethernet LAN is enabled in BIOS and run this CMD and you’ll find the MAC ID >> IPCONFIG /ALL

Edit stock BIOS in hex editor, at 1000h offset, replace 88 88 88 88 87 88 with your correct MAC ID. Make sure you “paste over/replace” that, not insert, if you insert it will change file length and break the BIOS