Update MEI Firmware MSI GS66 12UGS

How do I update the MEI firmware on my MSI GS66 12UGS?

I used to be able to take a firmware and update.exe -f mei.bin on my GS71VR 7RG


No link to specs provided. As far as I can see this is ME 16, so not too much information accessible.

The first post here should cover most of the process, a firmware- image has to be stitched together:

The links to latest tools and versions have to be collected since there’s no longer one an updated summary.

My Hardware:

12th gen Intel Core i7 12700h
Stepping L0
Alder Lake-P

MSI Stealth GS66 12UGS

INTEL Management Firmware

INTEL IRIS XE its the iGPU model, NOT chipset
GS66 12UGS its not the correct identification, this is the correct ID:

Now for a simple user, that you seem to be, this is no operation for you as you dont demonstrate enough knowledge and the result can be a bricked machine.
You just know how to select a setup.exe and the work will be done itself, not here with ME16 in witch is required to build an image from scratch with the correspondent modules, so stay put and wait for an MSI FW Update release.
But by all means sir, your free to engage in such action, to do so collect all the info and tools necessary on the correspondent thread as lbf6 already mentioned, good luck.

Hello, yes it was much easier to flash the firmware before.
Another topic, do you have problems with the GS66 12UGS with the original Intel drivers? The screen stays black for me. But the boot logo appears, I’ve tried everything, the laptop was exchanged twice. Even a new installation doesn’t work, MSI says install the original driver from 1 year ago … 1368. Intel refers to the original MSI driver