Update Microcode board Asus H61M-F


Have many questions right now. I keep on reading various guides for getting what tools I need to use and how I should proceed. My plans are to put microcode for 2400 i5 and i5 2500 in to bios on board Asus H61M-F. H61M-E has the microcod that i could use. Tested ubu tool yesterday and its a nice litle tool. However i discover the security issues on Cap files and later read about it. The motherboard has not "flash back" so do not know if it is the right tool to use. However i have quastion on ubu tool. Where from retrieves ubu tool its package of update information? From any of the folders that UbU tool comes with? From the CPU on the computer i execute UBU? or only from the BIOS file which I put together with ubu tool?


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The problem to get a modded BIOS properly flashed into the BIOS chip of a mainboard is a general one and has nothing to do with the UBU tool.

I am not sure, whether SoniX, the developer of the UBU tool, will read your questions here. It would have been much better, if you had posted them into >this< UBU discussion thread.

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I got some i5 2400 and i5 2500 processors to a gaming charity for children I have. Bought 10 asus H61M-F to these processors without checking the CPU them supported, and I do not understand how I could miss it. So now I have ten motherboards that do not fit properly
It was a sad discovery :frowning: Somehow I could extract microcode from another Asus H61M that has the support and put it in the bios file for H61M-F, then put it in a Cap locked bios. Its seems hard at the moment but I am convinced that it will work with help of this tools on somehow, i hope :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to figure out how to use the tools I have found on your website. I want to extract the CPU microcode from H61M-c bios file and write it to H61M-f bios file. And then upload it to the H61M-F mainboard BIOS. If any one would be nice to help me build one I would be really happy. Do not know if I’m on the right track with the tools.

I discover that the H61M-K bios file has the same Microcode who H61M-F BIOS file according MMTool. See pictures! But according to Asus CPU Support list H61M-F do not support i5 2400 or 2500. So what am I looking at? Is it really microcoden for different CPU motherboards support from the bios file have have load? See pictures!



UBU tools modules folder and GenIS.bat file has the same version and date available inside. Does that mean ubu tools database support my CPU ? See pictures!

inside ubu moduls GenISB bat file.jpg

Downloaded pidenu42.msi from Intel. Processor identification Utility. It gave me som information but not realy what I was looking for. See pictures!

Processor ID Utility screen of CPU i5 2400.gif

cpuid as MMtool and UBU tool displays CPUID in their windows, where can I find a CPU list that matches this ID:s?


I have solved the problem, so no need to help me with a Bios that I asked for. H61M-F is not made for processors with TPS 75 watts and overheating if you try.

But the answers to my other questions may perhaps be a guide for someone else. So if anyone knows to answer them, please do, I’m curious.