Update microcode of Lenovo OEM AMD PRO 565

Hi there!

I examined my BIOS rom file (Lenovo OEM AMD PRO 565 mobo) and found the following:

CPUID 00A20F10, Rev. 0A201003 - Last: NO

That signature corresponds to Ryzen 5600X. Does it mean my mobo won’t support it?

As it is the last update of the BIOS, is there any way to patch it and include the lastest microcode?

Thanks in advance!

Means, NOT last revision up to date known of that cpu mcode.
Quite often and usually, bios updates release’s from OEMs won’t include last revision, unless its high priority to final users.

…Ryzen 5600X uses mcode A20F10 / A20F12 last mcode revision is:

AMD bios have cpu mcodes as part of AMD AGESA, not easy to update/mod/flash.
Users who want to take their chances on this, usually don’t have nothing to lose in engaging these operations, meaning this is not their main system or can afford a bricked motherboard and/or have skills/tools to recover.

Thank you for your answer, MeatWar.

It is my main system and, as it’s an OEM PC, a new mobo is quite expensive, so I think I won’t dare to mod the BIOS.

However, do you think it may work with the outdated microcode?

Errrrrr… not following you now.
Does this Lenovo system (Badly identification provided…) equip any sub-model with a Ryzen 5600X or do you have this system and came here asking if it supports that Ryzen?
Already told you both cpuIDs of the cpu in question, if their present in latest bios release, usually it can, but OEMs like to use their owns blocks/whitelisted hw parts…

My bad, I didn’t explain myself well.

It is a Lenovo M75s Gen 2 SFF PC. Concretely, this model. It came with a R5 4600g cpu. Officially, it only supports a limited range of Picasso/Renoir chips, according to the BIOS download page. For models with a Matisse cpu, there is a concrete flavour and also for the ones built with a Cezanne processor.

Nevertheless, my motherboard (and I guess every other machine in the same series) has an AMD PRO 565 chipset, that theoretically supports the whole R5 5000-series, both Cezanne and Vermeer.

I understand OEM PCs are “locked” in order to work only with specific cpus, but I was wondering if, given that hardware-based, the system should be capable to admit any R5-5xxx chip, I could try and upgrade my system. I was told by a Lenovo support member that, in principle, my motherboard should be able to work with the Matisse BIOS rom.

And -here we come to my first, poorly explained, post- after scanning that Matisse BIOS file with MC Extractor, these cpuIDs were detected. Among them, there is the outdated 00A20F10 signature.

Taking all these variables into account, my question, in short, is: Is there any chance I can make a Ryzen 5600X work in my mobo, using the Matisse BIOS, as long as it recognizes the outdated cpuID?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

The same applies to my answer to you… theoretically it should, but again if there’s locks/whitelists then it could be by bios internal code programming or low level hw on mb design.

That i can’t vouch for any valid answer, only a user that had flashed/cross flashing

You’re mixing cpuID with cpu mcode revision…
General rule, the bios of a system will have the cpuIDs that will equip/support a certain branch of processors. It’s not an old revision of a certain cpu mcode that will prevent it from working.