Update microcode on EVGA X79 Dark

Hi all,
first post for me here and I am glad to do it.
I have an EVGA X79 Dark hanging around and some Xeons, but I noticed that the Xeon support on that mainboard is not so great.
Is it possible to mod the bios to add the cpu microcodes?
Maybe using the UBU tool? I used it only with Asus motherboard, so I am not sure it can work with EVGA also.

Thank you in advance for any help.

@uazzamerican :
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Yes, it is possible. Precondition is, that the mainboard supports the desired CPU.

Yes, the UBU tool works with all mainboards, which are using an AMI UEFI BIOS.
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you Fernando for your answer.
Problem is that the X79 Dark doesn’t support ALL Xeons.
For example it supports the E5-2680 but doesn’t support E5-2670, it doesn’t make sense to me.
I was thinking if it was possible to expand this support.

It may be possible, but according to my knowledge this requires a modification of a system BIOS module. A simple addition of the related microcode may not be enough.

Thank you,
do you know of any modder around here?

Maybe our BIOS Gurus CodeRush or lordkag can give you some advices.

Maybe our BIOS Gurus CodeRush or lordkag can give you some advices.

Let’s hope they read my messages then! :slight_smile:

I can confirm that the E5-2670 V0 works on the X79 Dark, without problems.
Only thing is that Turbo appears to be stuck on 3000Mhz, but I have to look further into it, I don’t know this motherboard very well.
And another thing regarding AHCI and RSTe… Maybe I have screwed all… Fernando if you don’t mind I ask your help.

I installed the motherboard without reinstalling Win7, prior motherboard was a Z77.
All was ok, but the Intel RST service won’t start.
I installed the X79 RSTe (without uninstall previous RST), nothing changed, system booted but iRSTe won’t start.
So I unistalled all, RST and RSTe-----------> no boot.

Luckly I was able to boot connecting the system disk to the Marvel controller.
From there I installed the RSTe drivers.
But whenever I try to boot from the intel controller, the system hangs on the “Windows 7” splash screen (without crashing, it loads forever).

I uninstalled completely RSTe drivers, and reverted to AHCI 1.0 drivers, only in this way I can boot using Intel controller.

What can I do?

I was able to make the RSTe work at last…