Update Ryzen Zen 3 Microcodes, looking for clear instructions

Ahoy ahoy friends.
Currently i spent almost 3 hours in order to search up-to-date guides for updating microcodes on Ryzen platforms, so i am looking for help.
I’ll explain my case a little bit further. I got a Ryzen 5800X processor, and wanted to run it on my ASRock X470D4U motherboard. Unfortunately this leads into cpu soft lockups, even with the latest beta bios offered by ASRock.
I am using the same CPU on my ASRock X370 Killer SLI and it is running fine, so i was thinking about using it’s microcodes on the X470 BIOS. Also according to MC Checker or MC Extractor, the microcode for this specific CPU is from 2020 and not the latest one.
How may i update the microcode in order to give it a try and see if it fixes this issue?
In case if something goes wrong, i also got an external CH341A programmer.
That’s the bios i want to modify (4.21), can’t post the link, in order to get the latest microcodes for it. I also took the “amd-firmware” package from arch-linux and extracted the cpio archive in order to get all these microcodes, but no success in updating the bios itself.
I tried to look for the microcode GUIDs already using UEFITool, but they seem to be covered somehow inside of the padding.
Thanks a lot!!


Thanks a lot! Is there a guide explaining on how to insert the new microcode?

UBU can.