Updated UEFI, Maybe.

I used ASRock’s Instant Flash to flash a modified UEFI. I updated the SATA driver, LAN, GPU, and microcode. Interestingly enough, the UEFI says “Microcode Update: 306C3/9” which I believe is the older microcode.

Interestingly enough, when I use AFUwin to dump my current UEFI, I get a 3MB file which when opened with UBU shows everything as the 8MB modded file.

Did the flash succeed?

Yes, if you got the success message from the "Instant Flash" tool.
Furthermore you can verify the actually working Intel RAID ROM/SataDriver version by running the Intel RST Console software or by opening the Intel RAID ROM/SataDriver Utility (only visible, when the Intel SATA Controller has been set to "RAID").

i don’t have a board with RAID. I guess I’ll test this with the LAN OROM and see what version it is.