Updating my M18x r1 Intel Raid Rom with TRIM but....

Hi, any help would be appreciated. Long story short am trying to update my OROM to have trim support on my A05 Unlocked bios but unfortunately the link to the site you provided on multiple posts with the instructions on how to do so no longer exist. I would appreciate it if you could send me a guide on how to mod the orom of the bios to support trim, keep up the great work and thank you in advance. Have a good day!!!

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I don’t remember, that I have ever written such instructions (reason: this sort of modding is nothing for newbees).

Why do you want a guide on how to mod the ROM regarding TRIM in RAID0 support, when you can download a big variety of already TRIM modded Intel RAID ROM modules (look >here<)?


I don’t remember, that I have ever written such instructions (reason: this sort of modding is nothing for newbees).

Thank you! My mistake, i was reading a bit too fast. The full instructions am referring to is from a link from this site (http://www.anandtech.com/show/6477/trim-…herboards-too/2), which leads to this one (http://www.drwindows.de/dr-windows-partn…lite-vlite.html) but unfortunately the site no longer exits as you stated to a fellow user on a post i read here yesterday. Sorry if i seem stupid but i’ve been out of the game for quite a while so i might have missed something in regards to the how to proceed. I should point out the instructions am looking for are to insert/ replace my current OROM ( with OROM ( with trim because of limited space in the bios). I had downloaded the modified Orom with trim yesterday from the link you posted bellow, but i just don’t know how to insert it into the insyde bios of the r1 or which tools to use for this one.

I’ve been out of the game too long to risk playing with multiple tools i know of and maybe end up bricking my mobo when i could have simply asked you or Dufus. The last modifications to a system bios was on my old satellite p100 for proper fan response, vbios mod and processor microcode years ago, using hex editor and phoenix bios editor 2.1…something i think. Again sorry if i missed something or seem dumb i just been out for a while. Thanks for your response!!!

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Thanks for your response.
The problem is not the TRIM modification of the Intel RAID ROM v10.1.0.1008 (it is already done for you), but the modification of the INSYDE BIOS. Maybe you will get more help >here<-

I see, reminds me of the p100 bios… tricky to mod. Thanks will look into the link! If i don’t get any help there then i’ll just have to figure it out. Btw can you recommend any tools that will work with the insyde bios, other than h20? I know usually it’s never really a straight shot using only one tool to get the mod done. But any tools that have a low error rate would be great. Meaning their check sum says the modification/ save is successful while that’s not the case, etc. Thanks again for your help!!

Hey Everyone,
I don’t know if people are still interested, but… I was able to get, on the m18xR1 the OpRom 10, 11, or 12 with TRIM supported on RAID0 working. It’s a full fledged UNLOCKED a05 BIOS with the NEW iRST OpRom (modded) to support TRIM in RAID0. Works PERFECTLY, and the performance increase is amazing!!! Plus, after the upgrade of the bios with this new OpRom 12.9.0, I can also give you the Intel ME Upgrade to LATEST / LAST version of 7! I think our system can support up to 8, but I’m not sure. Still researching that. In any case, this does work without ANY problems, and it’s made the m18xR1 relavent, again, with today’s systems!!! Anyway, Please PM me if you are interested, I’m happy to give the files away!!!