Updating P7H55-M PRO

I have this (H55) motherboard: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P7H55M_PRO/#overview
I have extracted the intel raid rom: Intel(R) RAID for SATA - v8.9.0.1023
I have also extracted the realtek nic rom: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Series v2.29 (06/30/09)
What is the newest version compatible? Anyone know?

Ok, i updated the realtek nic rom from 2.29 to 2.58 by downloading latest rom from realtek site, and it works :slight_smile:
And i updated the intel raid rom to Intel RST(e) RAID ROM v13.1.0.2030, works!

It is fine, that this brandnew Intel RAID ROM version works with your H55 system.
Do you have a RAID array? If yes, has it been detected at once by the Intel RAID Utility (CTRL+I)?

No, just a single SSD in AHCI mode. Do you think raid would work?

I don’t know if RAID would work with your updated Intel RAID ROM, but you can test it yourself:
Enter the BIOS and set the Intel SATA Controller temporarily to “RAID”. After having done that, hit CTRL+I while rebooting. If you get proper access to the Intel RAID Utility v13.1.0.2030 and see your SSD as a non-RAID disk, everything may be fine even in RAID mode.
Don’t change anything from within the Intel RAID Utility and don’t forget to reset the Intel SATA Controller to “AHCI” after you have finished the test. Otherwise you will not be able to boot into the OS again.

Hmm, under "Storage Configuration" i can choose between AHCI or IDE. Maybe because i have an old hard drive also connected?

No, your H55 chipset mainboard obviously doesn’t support RAID.