Updating VGA vBIOS w/o updating EFI GopDriver?

Do you also need to update the Video GOP driver when updating the Video Bios of a motherboard ? I have an Asus H170 Pro motherboard . So do you need to update both to the latest version of (Video GOP driver and Video Bios module).

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No, u can update only the vBIOS.
It all depends on ur needs…vBios is used in legacy boot and Gop driver is used in UEFI boot.

Can anybody tell me how to update the GOPdriver ? I have an Asus H170-PRO motherboard with an intel Skylake 6500 CPU. The GOPDriver isn’t updated since 2018

Use UBU, the GOP driver is bios embedded.

In the UBU tool it says 3 things : GOP driver X, RAW GOP driver XXX and VBIOS VBT . Requies VBIOS 228 - Force . What does the "Requies VBIOS 288 - Force "mean . How can I update this ? When I choose to update in the UBU tool it only updates from version 1027 (GOP driver) to GOP driver version 1030


>Here< is the related Guide.