Upgrade your mobile intel 4 series express chipset / mobile intel gma 4500m to openGL 3.3 for windows 10

this is a software solution. This is a per program solution. Go to Mesa3D For Windows - Federico Dossena
and download Mesa3D For Windows

using the Mesa3D For Windows I was able to get blender 3.4.1 which requires openGL 3.3 to run - on an old hp with mobile intel gma 4500m chipset. At 1600x900. Hp has taken down all driver for this laptop! Isn’t that nice?!!!

going to throw some catch bytes for search engines; because you guys Win-Raid Forum are hard to find.
Upgrade mobile intel 4 series express chipset for windows 10.
upgrade mobile intel gma 4500m for windows 10.

ket of:

could you get ntel gma 4500m chip to report it’s features correctly to win10 like you did with intel hd3000?

see LilFoxy post on:

never mind ket these people have already done it:

that driver upgrades the opengl on the intel gma 4500m chipset from 1.1 to 2.1 on windows10 system wide!

you can now even now have the intel control panel back:

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