Upgrading BGA CPU - will motherboard recognise it

Hi everyone, I have one of those MB10-Datto-07 boards that is flashed to the gigabyte MB10-DS4 bios as per this thread: onboard LAN MAC 00:00:00:00:00:00 after BIOS update

I would like to upgrade the CPU on board which is BGA soldered, I just don’t know if the BIOS will recognise the new CPU as the motherboard was only made with that specific combination.

I know that the d-1541 has CPUID: 50663, whereas the cpu I want to switch it to has a CPUID: 50664.

Any help would be appreciated.



@gio_p - You’ll need to add in the new microcode, and then it “Might” work, but may not, only way to know for sure is to try that.
If you need this done for you, dump BIOS via programmer or via FPT (Put on jumper) and send to me for editing.
Or I can try editing the stock BIOS and you flash it normal way and see if it allows mod BIOS flash, unsure if we tried that on other thread, since main issue was something else.

I understand. My only concern is that I will have to pay someone to unsolder the old cpu and solder on the new one, so if it doesn’t work, I will then have to reverse. I guess there is no real way to see if it will work without trying?

Just out of curiosity and in the interest of learning, provided we have added in the new microcode, what stands in the way of it not working?

Yes, only way to know is try it with modified BIOS flashed in there first. Unless you can find someone else already did this.
Many things may cause it to not work, if they locked BIOS to a certain CPU only, or some features/functions of that CPU are not compatible with certain BIOS modules etc.
How different are the CPU’s? Please give full model and I’ll check both and can give a better “Guess”

The CPU I wish to upgrade to is the Xeon D-1587 and the current CPU is a Xeon D-1521.

Thanks a lot again.

Those are very different, but in same family, so it “may” boot with microcode inserted, but it wont work with all those cores without heavily modified BIOS (Wait, let me check BIOS about this - yes, BIOS is coded for only up to 24 cores) that end user cannot do easily without lots of work and test samples in hand and advanced BIOS editing knowledge.
That may require different ME too. Is your current system sold with that CPU installed anywhere? If yes, check it’s BIOS and see if different ME version is used.

Personally I would suggest against the rework swap attempt, unless it’s free/dirt cheap, since you will probably have to do a reverse.

When you say 24 cores do you mean logical cores? Because the D-1587 has 16 physical cores and 32 logical cores, so that would be an issue.

Unfortunately this system does not seem to exist anywhere with that cpu.

They are definitely cheap enough to make me want to try it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Xeon-D-15…PU/163131219526

I meant physical cores. CPU may be cheap, but the rework isn’t unless you’ve got a good friend or can do yourself.

I might be able to find someone to do the rework cheap enough hopefully.

The only board I could find that uses this CPU is this: https://www.supermicro.com/products/moth…10SDV-7TP8F.cfm

So, to summarise, I should try to flash a modded bios which contains the microcode for the CP, do the swap and cross my fingers?

That board uses similar enough ME version that I doubt ME version would be an issue here. So yes, mod BIOS with microcode inserted, then rework with fingers crossed and you may get lucky, but only be able to address/control in BIOS 24 cores (all will still function if it works, you just wont be able to change settings for more than 24)

OK great, thank you! One last thing, why do you keep mentioning the 24 cores? I am confused because the CPU i am going to put in only has 16 cores, so that won’t be an issue right?

So I have finally received the new CPU, what is the best way we can modify the bios?

Thank you in advance,



Was wondering how I would get you to help me with this?



Sorry @goi_p !!! Send me BIOS dump, and tell me what CPU model is or what microcode you want added.