Upgrading P5K bios with new intel RST - having issues just finding the intel bios!

Hi, after following your guides I decided to have a shot at upgrading the intel AHCI firmware in my Asus P5K bios, due to having ongoing issues with SSD drives. Hopefully it might sort the problems.

Anyway, I can’t even find the correct location for the intel drivers in the bios, I don’t know if I’ve just missed it but I’ve been through everything with the hex editor twice trying to discover them to no avail. Can anyone lend me a hand?
I’ve uploaded both the original Asus BIOS (P5K1201.ROM), and the current modded BIOS I’m using which has the ACHI mode enabled for the ICH9 chip (1201BIOS.ROM)

If anyone has 5 minutes spare could you point me in the right direction?


edit: Uploads weren’t showing, so linked them instead, current BIOS:


Original Asus P5K BIOS:


Hello Phill,

welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thanks for your post!

Meanwhile I have checked the original ASUS P5K BIOS.
Result: It does not contain any Intel RAID ROM or AHCI ROM module. So there is nothing, which can been updated regarding the Intel SATA ports.
There are just the following PCI ROM modules within the BIOS:
1. JNicron RAID ROM v1.06.69
2. Intel LAN ROM v1.0.20


Thanks Fernando, I think with it being ICH9 and not ICH9R, the ACHI driver must be completely different and in the microcode, rather than just using the IRST ahci portion as I assumed initially.

Having said that, after looking at the chip pinouts, I’m not sure if the difference between the ICH9 and the R might just be the firmware and licence…anyone tried it?

The difference between ICH 9 and ICH9R is neither the Firmware nor the licence. The Intel ICH9R SATA Controller supports RAID, whereas the ICH9 SATA Controller doesn’t. The “R” stands for RAID support.