USB 4.0 USB4 Legacy Support - Voting Poll #10 - Would you like to see USB 4.0 Bootable BIOS with 4K -> 64K Sector Drive Support?

USB 4.0 USB4 Boot BIOS and 4K → 64KB Sector Drive Support

The looming threat that Intel could single handedly kill off all BIOSes on motherboards by 2020 in 2 months or in their next chipset could spell the end of booting DOS → Windows 7 the easy way. By having a BIOS socket on the USB 4.0 PCIe card feature and UEFI Motherboards at Level 3 could have a USB 4.0 Boot hand-off option to let the USB 4.0 PCIe card BIOS do the legacy translation. This would allow SATA to USB 4.0 Adapters hooked to the USB 4.0 port to boot up on 4K sector drives into DOS → Windows 7 all in pure MBR instead of GPT only.

Otherwise once the BIOS is completely eliminated from all motherboards and pure UEFI Level 3 has transitioned all abilities to boot into DOS → Windows 7 may be more difficult or non-existant making Windows 8.X and 10 the only native UEFI bootable consumer option. Since this is a UEFI setting, USB 4.0 Booting Hand-off could be disabled if there is need for security but enabled for consumers who want to continued legacy support. The need for booting off larger than 2TB MBR drives could be done with a modified BIOS that could do 4K translation allowing up to 17TB drives as bootable MBR drives. Since the USB 4.0 BIOS chip could be reprogrammed it could allow future 64K sector drives to be used which could potentially increase the capacity limit to 281TB via USB 4.0 giving new life to legacy support in the distant future. USB 4.0 should not be restricted to Windows 10 as a feature and UEFI should not determine what OS one could use in their computer.…es-in-2020.html

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