USB devices (mouse and keyboard) run on USB 1.1, why?

Hi, as title said Im curious what is culprit of running my USB 2.0 devices on USB 1.1 speeds. I would like force them to use USB2.0.

Even If I replug them to another port they still run on 1.1


I just see there are stock Windows USB drivers, but even with updated Intel chipset my rig is forced to use USB1.1

But you are showing keyboard or mouse - both don`t need USB2 speed.
Only devices like storage, network benefit from faster speeds.

OK I think it was weird, but why then vendor says that my rig support USB when doesnt run on that? I have pretty high input lag in games like CS:GO etc… but its not only games, its also in Windows… So I was thinking this could be the reason.

Are there any advices or must-go steps when building and setting up OS? I dont know what Im doing wrong. But all time it feels same like unsmooth and unresponsive movement. I build my PC by myself btw.

Find specialist or/and enthusiast to help you optimize settings in BIOS and in OS

As for devices attached to USB 3/2 - you attach device to USB port but device dictates what mode to use. Keyboard and mouse do not need big speed