Use mmtool add the microcode to the BIOS, still can\'t support the 11th CPU

msi Trident x 10th PC equipped z490i unify, but MSI does not provide 11th CPU support. I have tried using mmtool to add the microcode from the Retail version of z490i unify(it’s not working), and used fptw64 to flash the retail version bios of z490i, it can boot up and work with uhd750 but the pcie gpu can’t work with i7 11700k(The strange thing is that the 10th CPU with pcie gpu works perfectly) little problem noisy fans.
The BIOS files you can download links. the first link is the bios file i have add the microcode.!Anrj0PnbZEbWmtAYNn6miwsPI0_Cxg?e=0Shwu1
Could someone give me some guidance?

The user name seems new one but the post is identical to one already posted some weeks/month ago… oh yes its the same.

Has your problem been solved? I ran into the same problem